Ashley Bradford -- Fine Art

About the Prints

These prints are created using a giclee (zhi-CLAY) process. "Giclee" is French for "to spray on." The giclee process is a digital method of fine art printing which involves the use of a large, highly calibrated, extremely precise inkjet printer that sprays the ink onto the paper. One advantage of the giclee process over traditional offset lithography is that it has much finer detail due to a much higher resolution. This process has become so widely accepted that major museums use giclees to stand in for works that are being restored.

The printer used to produce these prints uses a six-color process for more accurate reproduction of both more subtle and more intense colors than can be produced by traditional four-color offset lithography. The particular process used in producing these prints includes the use of wide-gamut pigment inks. Life-span estimates of wide-gamut pigment ink giclees by third-party testing indicate over 130 years with no noticeable fade.

These prints are printed on acid-free, archival watercolor paper.


It is recommended that these prints be treated the same as you would treat an original piece of art; they should be protected from moisture by glass, and should never be exposed to prolonged sunlight or other harsh conditions. Use of UV-protectant conservation glass is recommended.

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